The BGP Instability Report

The BGP Instability Report is updated daily. This report
was generated on 17 December 2017 06:21 (UTC+1000)

50 Most active ASes for the past 7 days

RANKASN             UPDs            %PrefixesUPDs/PrefixAS NAME
1597731021713.82%617028.50ALARD, AE
29829566702.12%276820.47BSNL-NIB National Internet Backbone, IN
34788427121.60%42999.56TMNET-AS-AP TM Net, Internet Service Provider, MY
445899393051.47%261815.01VNPT-AS-VN VNPT Corp, VN
57011302111.13%57752.36FRONTIER-AND-CITIZENS - Frontier Communications of America, Inc., US
66147282291.05%122123.12Telefonica del Peru S.A.A., PE
79503270371.01%62436.08FX-PRIMARY-AS FX Networks Limited, AU
83832243800.91%201219.00CINE-NET - Cinenet Communications, US
9132165195110.73%66529.34CONNECT-AS-AP Connect Communications, PK
103203194290.73%29714.50ASVIDEOKANAL, RU
1123752167710.63%18192.66NPTELECOM-NP-AS Nepal Telecommunications Corporation, Internet Services, NP
128151151080.56%36544.13Uninet S.A. de C.V., MX
1345271132870.50%65220.38ICLNET-AS-AP Idea Cellular Limited, IN
1425211125620.47%104120.79TELECOMASET-AS, BG
157552120860.45%23995.04VIETEL-AS-AP Viettel Group, VN
1613118119790.45%48249.56ASN-YARTELECOM PJSC Rostelecom, RU
174755116670.44%20875.59TATACOMM-AS TATA Communications formerly VSNL is Leading ISP, IN
188402114750.43%12379.28CORBINA-AS OJSC "Vimpelcom", RU
1924560111350.42%13718.12AIRTELBROADBAND-AS-AP Bharti Airtel Ltd., Telemedia Services, IN
2023393105920.40%41258.34ISPRIME - ISPrime, Inc., US
2145090100670.38%14496.95CNNIC-TENCENT-NET-AP Shenzhen Tencent Computer Systems Company Limited, CN
222365096950.36%58316.63CHINANET-JS-AS-AP AS Number for CHINANET jiangsu province backbone, CN
231755994120.35%41229.56SPECTUM-NON-AP Spectrums Core Network, AU
244815988580.33%28531.08TIC-AS, IR
251797487600.33%27873.14TELKOMNET-AS2-AP PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, ID
264910085260.32%9887.00IR-THR-PTE, IR
274420884590.32%67126.25FARAHOOSH, IR
281748884590.32%10797.84HATHWAY-NET-AP Hathway IP Over Cable Internet, IN
29565084570.32%82810.21FRONTIER-FRTR - Frontier Communications of America, Inc., US
301390481830.31%15054.55COSLINK - Cherryland Services Inc, US
316348381370.30%32254.28SKYNET-AS-1 - Skynet, US
322795380710.30%13261.14Coop. Eléct. y de Obras y Serv. Público Ltda de Justiniano Posse, AR
335071080230.30%40519.81EARTHLINK-AS, IQ
341840378560.29%11936.59FPT-AS-AP The Corporation for Financing & Promoting Technology, VN
361265476750.29%42182.74RIPE-NCC-RIS-AS Reseaux IP Europeens Network Coordination Centre (RIPE NCC), NL
37480075040.28%33022.74LINTASARTA-AS-AP Network Access Provider and Internet Service Provider, ID
3864774320.28%14451.61DNIC-ASBLK-00616-00665 - DoD Network Information Center, US
394551473770.28%30823.95TELEMEDIA-SMB-AS-AP Bharti Airtel Ltd., TELEMEDIA Services, for SMB customers, IN
402820273540.27%8518.64Rede Brasileira de Comunicacao Ltda, BR
414424471890.27%31223.04IRANCELL-AS, IR
423989170380.26%35192.00ALJAWWALSTC-AS, SA
43949869640.26%17114.07BBIL-AP BHARTI Airtel Ltd., IN
445849168940.26%61149.00INDONAP-AS-ID PT Sarana Mukti Adijaya, ID
453154967440.25%34219.72RASANA, IR
464375465460.24%31420.85ASIATECH, IR
473690365360.24%7378.87MT-MPLS, MA
481463865030.24%48713.35LCPR-HSD - Liberty Cablevision of Puerto Rico LTD, PR
492396964570.24%15194.25TOT-NET TOT Public Company Limited, TH
502983864550.24%38169.87AMC - Atlantic Metro Communications, LLC, US
Total 74970028.04%

50 Most active ASes for the past 7 days

RANKASN             UPDs/Prefix         %PrefixesUPDs   AS NAME
1320319429.00.73%219429ASVIDEOKANAL, RU
25977317028.53.82%6102171ALARD, AE
3383212190.00.91%2024380CINE-NET - Cinenet Communications, US
4175599412.00.35%419412SPECTUM-NON-AP Spectrums Core Network, AU
595033004.11.01%6227037FX-PRIMARY-AS FX Networks Limited, AU
62015782738.50.20%25477MAG-TELECOM, RU
7397122336.00.09%12336IRUM-AS, RO
8372721730.00.06%11730CMCANGOLA, AO
9131181711.30.45%4811979ASN-YARTELECOM PJSC Rostelecom, RU
1094591706.00.06%541706ASKONKUK Konkuk University, KR
113281161622.00.06%11622-Reserved AS-, ZZ
12298381613.80.24%386455AMC - Atlantic Metro Communications, LLC, US
132050491536.50.23%46146IQ-TECHNOFAST, IQ
1489031432.00.05%11432AS8903 BT ES network infrastructure & testing, ES
152065131422.00.05%11422SISTEC, UA
162621991398.00.05%101398Columbus Networks El Salvador SA de CV, SV
17252111395.80.47%10412562TELECOMASET-AS, BG
182072141275.20.24%56376IZTOCHNI-RODOPI-AS2, BG
19602621262.00.05%11262ENDURA-AS, BG
20584911149.00.26%66894INDONAP-AS-ID PT Sarana Mukti Adijaya, ID
21612591127.00.04%11127SUPERWAVE-AS, RU
22180651112.00.08%22224CENTRALDATA-WA Central Data Pty Ltd., AU
231331371108.20.17%54433BEMOBILEPNG-AS-AP Bemobile LTD, PG
241343581012.00.04%11012BASE3-AS-AP IHOST SOLUTIONS PTY LTD, AU
25203784998.00.04%1998FIBERTELECOM-AS, RU
26205763951.50.14%43806SUPPORTSERVERS, GB
2718465901.80.20%125411WORKDAY-01 - Workday, Inc., US
28203661898.00.03%2898WILLIAM, GB
29133314881.00.03%1881BUBBLESERVER-AS Bubble Server LLP, IN
30266185875.80.16%54379Spin Telecomunicações, BR
3145926844.80.16%54224WEBINABOX-AS-AP Web In A Box, AU
3237338841.00.03%1841G4S-AS, KE
339723778.00.06%1431556ISEEK-AS-AP iseek Communications Pty Ltd, AU
3423393756.60.40%4110592ISPRIME - ISPrime, Inc., US
3535174748.80.11%42995NFB-AS, PL
364788736.41.60%42942712TMNET-AS-AP TM Net, Internet Service Provider, MY
3726028625.00.05%31250PANDUIT - Panduit Corp., US
3822145610.00.02%1610RDSI - Rurbanc Data Services, Inc., US
396468597.30.07%271792EASYLINK-AS6468 - Easylink Services Corporation, US
4022390561.90.17%114495XEROX-WB - XEROX CORPORATION, US
4124315559.00.17%84472GATEWAY-TRANSIT-AS Gateway Internet. Transit AS Internet Service Provider Bunbury Australia, AU
4245118558.00.06%31674ANFIUWP-AS-AP Australian Nursing Federation Industrial Union of Workers Perth, AU
439745558.00.10%52790WANET-AS-AP WAnet AS number, AU
4413904545.50.31%1508183COSLINK - Cherryland Services Inc, US
4553960532.00.02%1532MAZZ-AS - MAZZETTA COMPANY, US
461880462.50.07%191850STUPI, SE
4712541459.00.03%41918BTESPANA BT ES Datacenter and hosting ASN, ES
48197602456.50.03%2913TV9-AS, UA
494857445.40.17%244454TVP-OPERATIONS-COMPANY-AP TVP Operations Company, AU
Total 107345.614.08%

50 Most active Prefixes for the past 7 days

RANKPREFIX           UPDs            %Origin AS -- AS NAME
1185.71.205.0/24293571.01%59773 -- ALARD, AE
2185.71.207.0/24293531.01%59773 -- ALARD, AE
3185.71.206.0/24293451.01%59773 -- ALARD, AE
4193.0.132.0/22194290.67%3203 -- ASVIDEOKANAL, RU
5185.71.204.0/24141080.49%59773 -- ALARD, AE
6103.198.185.0/24139780.48%9503 -- FX-PRIMARY-AS FX Networks Limited, AU
7103.198.184.0/24130340.45%9503 -- FX-PRIMARY-AS FX Networks Limited, AU
8199.245.187.0/24123000.42%3832 -- CINE-NET - Cinenet Communications, US
9111.88.93.0/24122270.42%132165 -- CONNECT-AS-AP Connect Communications, PK
10198.148.151.0/24120800.42%3832 -- CINE-NET - Cinenet Communications, US
1193.181.192.0/19119670.41%13118 -- ASN-YARTELECOM PJSC Rostelecom, RU
12203.57.91.0/2494120.32%17559 -- SPECTUM-NON-AP Spectrums Core Network, AU
13216.238.254.0/2380300.28%13904 -- COSLINK - Cherryland Services Inc, US
14103.247.24.0/2265600.23%58491 -- INDONAP-AS-ID PT Sarana Mukti Adijaya, ID
1574.91.14.0/2464450.22%29838 -- AMC - Atlantic Metro Communications, LLC, US
1691.193.202.0/2464260.22%25211 -- TELECOMASET-AS, BG
1794.73.56.0/2160870.21%25211 -- TELECOMASET-AS, BG
18202.56.215.0/2460440.21%24560 -- AIRTELBROADBAND-AS-AP Bharti Airtel Ltd., Telemedia Services, IN
19185.230.189.0/2454740.19%201578 -- MAG-TELECOM, RU
20209.177.171.0/2453990.19%18465 -- WORKDAY-01 - Workday, Inc., US
21185.230.42.0/2445080.16%205049 -- IQ-TECHNOFAST, IQ
22103.242.164.0/2243990.15%133137 -- BEMOBILEPNG-AS-AP Bemobile LTD, PG
2345.6.97.0/2443670.15%266185 -- Spin Telecomunicações, BR
2466.71.255.0/2435220.12%46562 -- TOTAL-SERVER-SOLUTIONS - Total Server Solutions L.L.C., US
25200.62.56.0/2331210.11%18747 -- IFX18747 - IFX Corporation, US
8053 -- IFX Networks Venezuela C.A., VE
2637.72.129.0/2430000.10%29049 -- DELTA-TELECOM-AS International Communication Operator, AZ
2713.15.32.0/2029870.10%22390 -- XEROX-WB - XEROX CORPORATION, US
2861.155.155.0/2427320.09%23650 -- CHINANET-JS-AS-AP AS Number for CHINANET jiangsu province backbone, CN
29174.137.46.0/2426240.09%21880 -- ZENDESK-NETWORK-ASN - Zendesk, Inc., US
3096.46.156.0/2425930.09%21880 -- ZENDESK-NETWORK-ASN - Zendesk, Inc., US
31212.49.128.0/2323450.08%12541 -- BTESPANA BT ES Datacenter and hosting ASN, ES
8903 -- AS8903 BT ES network infrastructure & testing, ES
325.154.186.0/2423360.08%39712 -- IRUM-AS, RO
3350.58.200.0/2422720.08%63483 -- SKYNET-AS-1 - Skynet, US
34211.98.227.0/2419870.07%9394 -- CTTNET China TieTong Telecommunications Corporation, CN
3584.205.66.0/2419210.07%12654 -- RIPE-NCC-RIS-AS Reseaux IP Europeens Network Coordination Centre (RIPE NCC), NL
3666.135.134.0/2318600.06%8092 -- AMH - Access Media Holdings, LLC, US
3769.59.5.0/2418160.06%8092 -- AMH - Access Media Holdings, LLC, US
38165.251.81.0/2417790.06%6468 -- EASYLINK-AS6468 - Easylink Services Corporation, US
39192.108.199.0/2417420.06%1880 -- STUPI, SE
40180.97.231.0/2417350.06%23650 -- CHINANET-JS-AS-AP AS Number for CHINANET jiangsu province backbone, CN
41196.61.76.0/2217300.06%37272 -- CMCANGOLA, AO
42207.179.123.0/2417170.06%14103 -- ACDNET-ASN1 -, US
43203.252.142.0/2417060.06%9459 -- ASKONKUK Konkuk University, KR
44164.160.188.0/2316220.06%328116 -- -Reserved AS-, ZZ
45185.230.43.0/2416130.06%205049 -- IQ-TECHNOFAST, IQ
46203.201.75.0/2414960.05%4857 -- TVP-OPERATIONS-COMPANY-AP TVP Operations Company, AU
47203.201.116.0/2414880.05%4857 -- TVP-OPERATIONS-COMPANY-AP TVP Operations Company, AU
48203.201.69.0/2414470.05%4857 -- TVP-OPERATIONS-COMPANY-AP TVP Operations Company, AU
49194.246.74.0/2414220.05%206513 -- SISTEC, UA
50190.242.167.0/2413980.05%23520 -- COLUMBUS-NETWORKS - Columbus Networks USA, Inc., US
Total 32634011.25%

7 Day BGP Profile: 10-December-2017 00:00 - 16-December-2017 23:59 (UTC+1000)

Number of BGP Update Messages:  1370416
Number of Prefix Updates:  2676560
Number of Prefix Withdrawals:  225642
Average Prefixes per BGP Update:  2.12
Average BGP Update Messages per second:  1.98
Average Prefix Updates per second:  4.20
Peak BGP Update Message Rate per second:  1692  (13:18:59 Mon, 11-Dec-2017)
Peak Prefix Update Rate per second:  1999  (06:09:50 Sun, 10-Dec-2017)
Peak Prefix Withdraw Rate per second:  7627  (02:59:04 Sat, 16-Dec-2017)
Prefix Count:  709233
Updated Prefix Count:  248990
Stable Prefix Count:  460243
Origin AS Count:  59555
Updated Origin AS Count:  27459
Stable Origin AS Count:  32096
Unique Path Count:  307626
Updated Path Count:  175604
Stable Path Count:  132022


Hourly Average of Per-Second Updated and Withdrawn Prefix Rate

Hourly Peak of Per-Second Updated and Withdrawn Prefix Rate

Hourly Average Per-Second Updated Prefix Rate by Update Type

Hourly Peak of Per-Second Updated Prefix Rate by Update Type


BGP Table Activity

Cumulative Distribution of per-Prefix and per-AS Updates


The data has been gathered using a single eBGP peering with AS 131072. The observations of BGP path change are relative to this observation point. The updates are generated by a Quagga BGP implementation providing a timestamped log of incoming update messages. The timezone of this monitoring point is UTC+1000. Updates are processed on a 24 hour cycle.