The BGP Instability Report

The BGP Instability Report is updated daily. This report
was generated on 16 October 2021 06:40 (UTC+1000)

50 Most active ASes for the past 14 days

RANKASN             UPDs            %PrefixesUPDs/PrefixAS NAME
1640502590712.18%837309.52BCPL-SG BGPNET Global ASN, SG
2473312082341.75%836624.89TTNET, TR
381511843391.55%890920.69Uninet S.A. de C.V., MX
4165091788031.51%582830.68AMAZON-02, US
5371331017790.86%721413.60airtel-tz-as, TZ
658224885070.75%169452.25TCI, IR
75972846170.71%217138.98DNIC-ASBLK-05800-06055, US
89198806260.68%110073.30KAZTELECOM-AS, KZ
1012389712610.60%293024.32ROSTELECOM-AS, RU
1113188706970.60%161143.88TRIOLAN, UA
127713686750.58%352719.47TELKOMNET-AS-AP PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, ID
139919684460.58%73493.25NCIC-TW New Century InfoComm Tech Co., Ltd., TW
149829673650.57%186336.16BSNL-NIB National Internet Backbone, IN
1517794646940.54%144621.00HTCL-ORANGE-HK-AP Hutchison Telephone Company Limited, HK
164780619900.52%71786.46SEEDNET Digital United Inc., TW
177155612930.52%395015.52VIASAT-SP-BACKBONE, US
1827871583660.49%105836.60Telecom Argentina S.A., AR
1936903548930.46%118346.40MT-MPLS, MA
2047730535540.45%226777.00JEANDELESTRE, FR
2129571456460.38%80256.92ORANGE-COTE-IVOIRE, CI
229583450930.38%174525.84SIFY-AS-IN Sify Limited, IN
237303429170.36%65066.03Telecom Argentina S.A., AR
248551422390.36%341112.38BEZEQ-INTERNATIONAL-AS Bezeqint Internet Backbone, IL
25647420770.35%250168.31DNIC-ASBLK-00616-00665, US
2612479390460.33%69415.63UNI2-AS, ES
2712025378190.32%127297.79IMDC-AS12025, US
285483361070.30%91396.78MAGYAR-TELEKOM-MAIN-AS Magyar Telekom Nyrt., HU
2922773354340.30%41198.60ASN-CXA-ALL-CCI-22773-RDC, US
3010620352280.30%342510.29Telmex Colombia S.A., CO
316713350360.30%61357.15IAM-AS, MA
3219429347370.29%68550.71ETB - Colombia, CO
3336935345870.29%63254.73Vodafone-, EG
3450710334070.28%88337.83EARTHLINK-AS, IQ
3512735308590.26%54157.04ASTURKNET, TR
3639891299290.25%32719.15ALJAWWALSTC-AS, SA
374755295470.25%213313.85TATACOMM-AS TATA Communications formerly VSNL is Leading ISP, IN
382046291750.25%74167.86DNIC-AS-02046, US
399121282280.24%70040.33TTNET, TR
40135490269160.23%213458.00BAL-AS-AP Business Automation Ltd., BD
411541268100.23%75635.46DNIC-ASBLK-01534-01546, US
4218403266250.22%183814.49FPT-AS-AP The Corporation for Financing & Promoting Technology, VN
434800266010.22%47556.00LINTASARTA-AS-AP Network Access Provider and Internet Service Provider, ID
44278265840.22%144184.61Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, MX
4520115264790.22%224311.81CHARTER-20115, US
4626405259370.22%161621.06HDCS, US
4713904248440.21%179138.79COSLINK, US
4861317247700.21%173014.32ASDETUK, GB
499785247430.21%77321.34JASATELNET-AS-ID PT Berca Hardayaperkasa, ID
5034984245740.21%224410.95TELLCOM-AS, TR
Total 293570224.73%

50 Most active ASes for the past 14 days

RANKASN             UPDs/Prefix         %PrefixesUPDs   AS NAME
14773026777.00.45%253554JEANDELESTRE, FR
21779421564.70.54%1464694HTCL-ORANGE-HK-AP Hutchison Telephone Company Limited, HK
321197513938.00.12%113938WOHLERT, DE
413549013458.00.23%226916BAL-AS-AP Business Automation Ltd., BD
513734611701.00.10%111701CNI-AS-ID PT Cyber Network Indonesia, ID
6278715836.60.49%1058366Telecom Argentina S.A., AR
7445225825.00.05%15825RIPN-RU-PRG, RU
892645400.30.14%316201ASNET Academia Sinica, TW
9181835095.20.17%420381NCREE National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering, TW
10369834488.50.15%1017954OTR-A, ZA
11454944274.00.04%14274LAHAI-SG NREN ASN for Misc. Root Servers and Community, NP
1220464167.90.25%729175DNIC-AS-02046, US
1331343681.00.09%311043USAID-ASN, US
14181813609.00.09%310827NHRINET National Health Research Institutes, TW
15236922764.20.09%411057ER-ID-AS Estiko Ramanda AS, ID
16311042653.00.02%12653EVACY, FR
18177162279.50.12%613677NTU-TW National Taiwan University, TW
192093052229.20.08%48917CFL, LU
20618552208.00.06%36624NOVA NET TECNOLOGIA LTDA - ME, BR
212681172124.50.04%24249RAFAEL FERNANDES DE MEDEIROS, BR
22399972085.00.04%24170GLIC, US
23264051995.20.22%1625937HDCS, US
2447181897.00.02%11897CKP Cyber Kansai Project, JP
251469531817.00.02%11817TBC-AS-AP Touchnet Broadband Connection, BD
26201011809.20.18%1521710MICHWAVE, US
271413811771.30.04%35314NPLTN-AS-AP NEXON PTY LTD ta Nexware, AU
283995041659.00.01%11659STREAMING-SYSTEMS-LLC, US
29371331615.50.86%72101779airtel-tz-as, TZ
302119971575.00.01%11575EHOLINK, FR
312638641543.40.16%1218521CLIC RAPIDO TELECOMUNICACAO LTDA, BR
322009841468.30.04%34405NUOVARETI-AS, IT
332102821330.00.01%21330FRONTIERDC-AS, GB
34375261312.60.12%1114439Telecel-Faso, BF
352712841246.90.07%78728MP TELECOMUNICACOES EIRELI, BR
36452461185.50.02%62371ITS-AS-AP ITSApplication Service Provider, PK
37329531184.40.14%1416581MHCV-AS1, US
382127991066.00.01%11066CYBERNODE-HOST, RO
393277611018.00.02%22036Access-Point-Technologies, ZA
4024767990.50.02%21981ASPOL-AS, RU
415683972.00.02%32916MCBB, US
423112966.80.03%303867OARNET-AS-1, US
43270577962.60.06%76738NET TOP, BR
4423704959.50.02%21919SWIFTELNET-AS-AP Swiftel Pty Ltd, AU
45133805931.00.01%1931IDNIC-POLMAN-AS-ID Politeknik Manufaktur Negeri Bandung, ID
4654105889.50.01%21779SSM-NET, US
47203149868.00.01%21736ZP-16X-3-AS, UA
48267087833.00.01%1833RENATO MEIRELES PEREIRA - ME, BR
49262982793.60.07%107936Nardi & Cano Ltda, BR
Total 184121.45.60%

50 Most active Prefixes for the past 14 days

RANKPREFIX           UPDs            %Origin AS -- AS NAME
1197.186.0.0/15355020.29%37133 -- airtel-tz-as, TZ
2145.236.90.0/24351750.29%5483 -- MAGYAR-TELEKOM-MAIN-AS Magyar Telekom Nyrt., HU
3196.46.120.0/23325190.27%37133 -- airtel-tz-as, TZ
441.75.208.0/20323920.27%37133 -- airtel-tz-as, TZ
545.148.160.0/24272880.22%47730 -- JEANDELESTRE, FR
6103.79.118.0/24269090.22%135490 -- BAL-AS-AP Business Automation Ltd., BD
745.148.160.0/22262660.22%47730 -- JEANDELESTRE, FR
867.211.53.0/24258960.21%26405 -- HDCS, US
964.68.236.0/22240900.20%13904 -- COSLINK, US
10203.145.78.0/24216210.18%17794 -- HTCL-ORANGE-HK-AP Hutchison Telephone Company Limited, HK
11202.45.88.0/24215440.18%17794 -- HTCL-ORANGE-HK-AP Hutchison Telephone Company Limited, HK
12203.145.74.0/24215290.18%17794 -- HTCL-ORANGE-HK-AP Hutchison Telephone Company Limited, HK
13200.110.229.0/24198200.16%27871 -- Telecom Argentina S.A., AR
14200.110.228.0/24198200.16%27871 -- Telecom Argentina S.A., AR
15170.79.222.0/23184570.15%263864 -- CLIC RAPIDO TELECOMUNICACAO LTDA, BR
16216.194.128.0/21184170.15%27871 -- Telecom Argentina S.A., AR
17138.207.66.0/24182850.15%12025 -- IMDC-AS12025, US
18138.207.67.0/24182290.15%12025 -- IMDC-AS12025, US
1941.222.107.0/24179460.15%36983 -- OTR-A, ZA
20209.22.67.0/24145680.12%2046 -- DNIC-AS-02046, US
21209.22.66.0/24145560.12%2046 -- DNIC-AS-02046, US
22141.98.139.0/24139380.11%211975 -- WOHLERT, DE
23199.192.180.0/22117130.10%20101 -- MICHWAVE, US
24182.23.171.0/24117010.10%137346 -- CNI-AS-ID PT Cyber Network Indonesia, ID
25216.18.240.0/2099770.08%20101 -- MICHWAVE, US
26130.137.108.0/2493200.08%16509 -- AMAZON-02, US
27130.137.79.0/2492190.08%16509 -- AMAZON-02, US
28130.137.78.0/2491560.07%16509 -- AMAZON-02, US
29130.137.80.0/2491300.07%16509 -- AMAZON-02, US
30130.137.121.0/2490710.07%16509 -- AMAZON-02, US
31130.137.90.0/2490320.07%16509 -- AMAZON-02, US
32130.137.89.0/2489620.07%14618 -- AMAZON-AES, US
33130.137.140.0/2488420.07%16509 -- AMAZON-02, US
3484.205.66.0/2485720.07%12654 -- RIPE-NCC-RIS-AS Reseaux IP Europeens Network Coordination Centre RIPE NCC, NL
35130.137.99.0/2484330.07%16509 -- AMAZON-02, US
36130.137.105.0/2484130.07%16509 -- AMAZON-02, US
37141.155.250.0/2484020.07%701 -- UUNET, US
3824.105.224.0/1983450.07%32953 -- MHCV-AS1, US
3994.26.16.0/2482740.07%204281 -- NETX_, BG
40130.137.86.0/2482620.07%16509 -- AMAZON-02, US
41130.137.81.0/2482240.07%16509 -- AMAZON-02, US
42216.59.160.0/1981170.07%32953 -- MHCV-AS1, US
43130.137.85.0/2480680.07%16509 -- AMAZON-02, US
44130.137.102.0/2478560.06%16509 -- AMAZON-02, US
45191.70.128.0/1773790.06%26611 -- COMCEL S.A., CO
46187.94.12.0/2266820.05%270577 -- NET TOP, BR
47131.0.4.0/2266100.05%61855 -- NOVA NET TECNOLOGIA LTDA - ME, BR
4861.56.4.0/2462030.05%18183 -- NCREE National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering, TW
49190.66.80.0/2261990.05%3816 -- COLOMBIA TELECOMUNICACIONES S.A. ESP, CO
50205.71.224.0/2061510.05%647 -- DNIC-ASBLK-00616-00665, US
Total 7410806.08%

14 Day BGP Profile: 2-October-2021 00:00 - 15-October-2021 23:59 (UTC+1000)

Number of BGP Update Messages:  27538455
Number of Prefix Updates:  11876433
Number of Prefix Withdrawals:  336142
Average Prefixes per BGP Update:  0.44
Average BGP Update Messages per second:  22.77
Average Prefix Updates per second:  10.10
Peak BGP Update Message Rate per second:  70626  (16:16:33 Tue, 5-Oct-2021)
Peak Prefix Update Rate per second:  7268  (10:15:07 Fri, 1-Oct-2021)
Peak Prefix Withdraw Rate per second:  47432  (17:49:57 Tue, 5-Oct-2021)
Prefix Count:  916989
Updated Prefix Count:  707440
Stable Prefix Count:  209549
Origin AS Count:  72320
Updated Origin AS Count:  61950
Stable Origin AS Count:  10370
Unique Path Count:  550197
Updated Path Count:  433329
Stable Path Count:  116868


Hourly Average of Per-Second Updated and Withdrawn Prefix Rate

Hourly Peak of Per-Second Updated and Withdrawn Prefix Rate

Hourly Average Per-Second Updated Prefix Rate by Update Type

Hourly Peak of Per-Second Updated Prefix Rate by Update Type


BGP Table Activity

Cumulative Distribution of per-Prefix and per-AS Updates


The data has been gathered using a single eBGP peering with AS 131072. The observations of BGP path change are relative to this observation point. The updates are generated by a Quagga BGP implementation providing a timestamped log of incoming update messages. The timezone of this monitoring point is UTC+1000. Updates are processed on a 24 hour cycle.