The BGP Instability Report

The BGP Instability Report is updated daily. This report
was generated on 10 April 2021 06:31 (UTC+1000)

50 Most active ASes for the past 14 days

RANKASN             UPDs            %PrefixesUPDs/PrefixAS NAME
1187475169765.91%3411516.06IFX18747, US
2400652657173.04%600442.86CNSERVERS, US
3335481849192.12%1810273.28UNWIRED-NOC, US
4165091349311.54%501426.91AMAZON-02, US
598291255561.44%189366.33BSNL-NIB National Internet Backbone, IN
638511985291.13%236417.50TACHYON-AS-ID PT Remala Abadi, ID
78151933121.07%849310.99Uninet S.A. de C.V., MX
827884746570.85%164455.23CABLECOLOR S.A., HN
9262986738790.85%193888.37Radionet Telecom, BR
1040410736110.84%391887.46USFRCS-BGP, US
11262702736110.84%193874.26Granadanet Servicos de Informatica S/C. Ltda., BR
1213904672020.77%175384.01COSLINK, US
1353217664370.76%571165.56INFRANET INTERNET LTDA., BR
1547730580960.66%229048.00JEANDELESTRE, FR
16266172572860.66%78183.71Amazon - Inter.Net, BR
1728573567790.65%153137.09CLARO S.A., BR
1836903424480.49%118935.70MT-MPLS, MA
195972412740.47%222218.58DNIC-ASBLK-05800-06055, US
2036992408920.47%119634.19ETISALAT-MISR, EG
2218117377150.43%182095.28HARBOURMSP-AU-AP NTT Communications ICT Solutions, AU
238291356260.41%132740.46RSNET-AS RSNET, RU
2450710355240.41%83042.80EARTHLINK-AS, IQ
2517794346500.40%142475.00HTCL-ORANGE-HK-AP Hutchison Telephone Company Limited, HK
26268778335950.38%74799.29MAYARA B G FERNANDES ME, BR
2726405312220.36%122601.83HDCS, US
284755300610.34%215013.98TATACOMM-AS TATA Communications formerly VSNL is Leading ISP, IN
2947331299790.34%82343.64TTNET, TR
30264880294570.34%83682.12RF Connect Provedor de Acesso LTDA, BR
31262395293330.34%74190.43WIFI Plus Provedor Ltda., BR
3258224291950.33%157218.57TCI, IR
33262406288210.33%122401.75MELFINET - National Telecom SCM Ltda, BR
3424863286770.33%158718.07LINKdotNET-AS, EG
3528909285740.33%36793.72BG-TVSAT-AS, BG
3726615275170.31%91330.14TIM S/A, BR
38263957273600.31%73908.57Rodrigo Novais da Costa Ltda-ME, BR
39269323270410.31%73863.00D M Gianini & Cia Ltda, BR
4020940265000.30%36057.35AKAMAI-ASN1, NL
4120101261140.30%151740.93MICHWAVE, US
42269196250860.29%73583.71P B Net Cursos Idiomas e Internet Ltda, BR
43267045249590.29%54991.80EASY CONNECT TECNOLOGIA JACI LTDA, BR
44263578249260.29%151661.73FacNet Telecom, BR
45262179246330.28%73519.00Telenetwork de El Salvador, SV
4621826240840.28%56242.85Corporacion Telemic C.A., VE
4710680239010.27%131838.54IU-RESEARCH, US
486713234950.27%56241.81IAM-AS, MA
4936914233590.27%42155.48KENET-AS, KE
50134273233110.27%211655.50DMBPL-AS-IN D M Broadband, IN
Total 307300135.18%

50 Most active ASes for the past 14 days

RANKASN             UPDs/Prefix         %PrefixesUPDs   AS NAME
11811737715.00.43%1837715HARBOURMSP-AU-AP NTT Communications ICT Solutions, AU
24773029048.00.66%258096JEANDELESTRE, FR
3829117813.00.41%1335626RSNET-AS RSNET, RU
426217912316.50.28%724633Telenetwork de El Salvador, SV
5358012206.00.14%812206PLANET, US
613427311655.50.27%223311DMBPL-AS-IN D M Broadband, IN
73354810273.32.12%18184919UNWIRED-NOC, US
82021938998.00.10%18998FREECOM, IT
9201018704.70.30%1526114MICHWAVE, US
102661728183.70.66%757286Amazon - Inter.Net, BR
122687645246.70.18%315740NetCaster Solutions, BR
132676525004.20.23%420017MOBILE INFORMATICA LTDA ME, BR
142670454991.80.29%524959EASY CONNECT TECNOLOGIA JACI LTDA, BR
152687784799.30.38%733595MAYARA B G FERNANDES ME, BR
162625414686.00.16%414058ITEMNET PROVEDOR DE INTERNET LTDA - ME, BR
172624224388.00.20%517552Anderson Gustavo Neves Gomes - ME, BR
18454944352.00.05%14352LAHAI-SG NREN ASN for Misc. Root Servers and Community, NP
192623954190.40.34%729333WIFI Plus Provedor Ltda., BR
202709604171.30.14%312514I7TELECOM INTERNET RIO PRETO EIRELI, BR
212629724111.50.09%28223Info Sete Telecomunicacoes, BR
22527744110.00.05%14110Amiga Net Com. de Equipamentos e Servico LTDA.- ME, BR
23187474007.65.91%341516976IFX18747, US
25147103913.00.04%13913ASN-CXA-OM-14710-CBS, US
262639573908.60.31%727360Rodrigo Novais da Costa Ltda-ME, BR
272629863888.40.85%1973879Radionet Telecom, BR
282706233881.00.09%67762DATTAS INTERNET EIRELI-ME, BR
292627023874.30.84%1973611Granadanet Servicos de Informatica S/C. Ltda., BR
302693233863.00.31%727041D M Gianini & Cia Ltda, BR
312672323803.20.22%519016Good Net Provedor de Internet Ltda - EPP, BR
322692633704.00.04%13704Mundo Net Fibra, BR
332648803682.10.34%829457RF Connect Provedor de Acesso LTDA, BR
342687983617.00.08%27234JG TELECOM, BR
352640003586.00.04%13586FibraON - Fabricio Piloni Bertolo - ME, BR
362691963583.70.29%725086P B Net Cursos Idiomas e Internet Ltda, BR
372690503536.50.16%514146JOAO ROGERIO LEONARDO EIRELIME, BR
382685713351.00.04%13351R L de Araujo Informatica - ME, BR
392684453320.30.11%49961FASTNET BRASIL, BR
401328393139.40.32%29028255POWERLINE-AS-AP POWER LINE DATACENTER, HK
41146183133.70.11%4669401AMAZON-AES, US
422049473067.00.07%26134SPEED-NET_SRL, IT
4314263023.00.03%13023LIGHTWAVENET, US
442670743016.20.17%515081NEXT PROVEDORES ACESSO LTDA ME, BR
45177942887.50.40%1434650HTCL-ORANGE-HK-AP Hutchison Telephone Company Limited, HK
462703682863.30.10%38590TR TELECOMUNICACOES LTDA, BR
472642672773.70.22%719416TaboadoNET Comunicacao e Multimidia LTDA-ME, BR
482636742734.40.16%513672JSneT Fibra, BR
492689162637.80.12%410551Inffotreini Provedores e Informatica LTDA - ME, BR
Total 30790719.86%

50 Most active Prefixes for the past 14 days

RANKPREFIX           UPDs            %Origin AS -- AS NAME
1118.127.80.0/22377150.42%18117 -- HARBOURMSP-AU-AP NTT Communications ICT Solutions, AU
2216.238.254.0/23358640.40%13904 -- COSLINK, US
395.173.129.0/24356180.39%8291 -- RSNET-AS RSNET, RU
464.192.4.0/24337360.37%33548 -- UNWIRED-NOC, US
564.192.1.0/24319420.35%33548 -- UNWIRED-NOC, US
664.192.2.0/24318450.35%33548 -- UNWIRED-NOC, US
764.192.0.0/24317960.35%33548 -- UNWIRED-NOC, US
864.192.3.0/24316990.35%33548 -- UNWIRED-NOC, US
967.211.53.0/24312000.35%26405 -- HDCS, US
1064.68.236.0/22306670.34%13904 -- COSLINK, US
1145.148.160.0/24290500.32%47730 -- JEANDELESTRE, FR
1245.148.160.0/22290480.32%47730 -- JEANDELESTRE, FR
13168.243.93.0/24246320.27%262179 -- Telenetwork de El Salvador, SV
14199.169.205.0/24246170.27%40410 -- USFRCS-BGP, US
15199.169.239.0/24244120.27%40410 -- USFRCS-BGP, US
16199.169.238.0/24244080.27%40410 -- USFRCS-BGP, US
1764.192.5.0/24238540.26%33548 -- UNWIRED-NOC, US
18149.165.158.0/23238470.26%10680 -- IU-RESEARCH, US
19160.19.250.0/23189040.21%266172 -- Amazon - Inter.Net, BR
20160.19.248.0/23188930.21%266172 -- Amazon - Inter.Net, BR
21160.19.248.0/22188890.21%266172 -- Amazon - Inter.Net, BR
22216.241.29.0/24175940.20%18747 -- IFX18747, US
23200.73.25.0/24174230.19%18747 -- IFX18747, US
24200.73.22.0/24174150.19%18747 -- IFX18747, US
25200.73.23.0/24172860.19%18747 -- IFX18747, US
26200.73.19.0/24172390.19%18747 -- IFX18747, US
27216.241.13.0/24170900.19%18747 -- IFX18747, US
28216.241.14.0/24170760.19%18747 -- IFX18747, US
29216.241.25.0/24170450.19%18747 -- IFX18747, US
30216.241.11.0/24170440.19%18747 -- IFX18747, US
31216.241.0.0/24170400.19%18747 -- IFX18747, US
32200.73.93.0/24170330.19%18747 -- IFX18747, US
33200.73.64.0/19170090.19%18747 -- IFX18747, US
34200.73.83.0/24170040.19%18747 -- IFX18747, US
35200.73.66.0/24169700.19%18747 -- IFX18747, US
36200.73.76.0/24169680.19%18747 -- IFX18747, US
37200.73.28.0/24169580.19%18747 -- IFX18747, US
38200.73.21.0/24169130.19%18747 -- IFX18747, US
39200.73.13.0/24168680.19%18747 -- IFX18747, US
40200.73.0.0/18168520.19%18747 -- IFX18747, US
41200.73.14.0/24168450.19%18747 -- IFX18747, US
42200.73.8.0/24168420.19%18747 -- IFX18747, US
43200.73.5.0/24168410.19%18747 -- IFX18747, US
44200.73.1.0/24168180.19%18747 -- IFX18747, US
45200.73.55.0/24166690.18%18747 -- IFX18747, US
46131.108.68.0/22158990.18%18747 -- IFX18747, US
47131.108.69.0/24158750.18%18747 -- IFX18747, US
48199.192.180.0/22142190.16%20101 -- MICHWAVE, US
4941.93.33.0/24137050.15%37182 -- TERNET, TZ
50216.241.1.0/24126950.14%18747 -- IFX18747, US
Total 107387111.91%

14 Day BGP Profile: 27-March-2021 00:00 - 9-April-2021 23:59 (UTC+1000)

Number of BGP Update Messages:  22482911
Number of Prefix Updates:  8741707
Number of Prefix Withdrawals:  276379
Average Prefixes per BGP Update:  0.40
Average BGP Update Messages per second:  18.59
Average Prefix Updates per second:  7.46
Peak BGP Update Message Rate per second:  35426  (09:28:16 Thu, 1-Apr-2021)
Peak Prefix Update Rate per second:  14088  (10:30:18 Wed, 31-Mar-2021)
Peak Prefix Withdraw Rate per second:  16695  (07:52:26 Thu, 1-Apr-2021)
Prefix Count:  890518
Updated Prefix Count:  446352
Stable Prefix Count:  444166
Origin AS Count:  71243
Updated Origin AS Count:  47335
Stable Origin AS Count:  23908
Unique Path Count:  494983
Updated Path Count:  348552
Stable Path Count:  146431


Hourly Average of Per-Second Updated and Withdrawn Prefix Rate

Hourly Peak of Per-Second Updated and Withdrawn Prefix Rate

Hourly Average Per-Second Updated Prefix Rate by Update Type

Hourly Peak of Per-Second Updated Prefix Rate by Update Type


BGP Table Activity

Cumulative Distribution of per-Prefix and per-AS Updates


The data has been gathered using a single eBGP peering with AS 131072. The observations of BGP path change are relative to this observation point. The updates are generated by a Quagga BGP implementation providing a timestamped log of incoming update messages. The timezone of this monitoring point is UTC+1000. Updates are processed on a 24 hour cycle.