The BGP Instability Report

The BGP Instability Report is updated daily. This report
was generated on 11 July 2020 06:37 (UTC+1000)

50 Most active ASes for the past 14 days

RANKASN             UPDs            %PrefixesUPDs/PrefixAS NAME
1212992396722.20%1105216.90KAR-TEL-AS Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan, KZ
2550811853471.70%752471.2924SHELLS, US
390091524811.40%227367.08M247, GB
416509985930.90%405024.34AMAZON-02, US
59829762420.70%194239.26BSNL-NIB National Internet Backbone, IN
618881704400.65%93175.66TELEFONICA BRASIL S.A, BR
78151692610.63%678510.21Uninet S.A. de C.V., MX
813999684520.63%144547.37Mega Cable, S.A. de C.V., MX
96503682910.63%177638.45Mega Cable, S.A. de C.V., MX
1047331635330.58%69179.19TTNET, TR
1136903613120.56%91766.86MT-MPLS, MA
1212479516360.47%58818.78UNI2-AS, ES
138764513580.47%59885.88TELIA-LIETUVA, LT
147545482250.44%56078.60TPG-INTERNET-AP TPG Telecom Limited, AU
1513904481030.44%171281.30COSLINK, US
1610620473520.43%337014.05Telmex Colombia S.A., CO
1745899459400.42%323214.21VNPT-AS-VN VNPT Corp, VN
188402437010.40%115237.93CORBINA-AS OJSC "Vimpelcom", RU
197155396670.36%40419.82VIASAT-SP-BACKBONE, US
2044050380840.35%97392.62PIN-AS, RU
214538344590.32%47827.21ERX-CERNET-BKB China Education and Research Network Center, CN
2326405339560.31%122829.67HDCS, US
245972336470.31%205716.36DNIC-ASBLK-05800-06055, US
2536914330940.30%98337.69KENET-AS, KE
2636029322850.30%152152.33AS-SEARCHGUIDE, US
277713320140.29%270811.82TELKOMNET-AS-AP PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, ID
288452312600.29%79239.47TE-AS TE-AS, EG
2939891300430.28%287910.44ALJAWWALSTC-AS, SA
3011492297210.27%44676.65CABLEONE, US
3123969293370.27%186315.75TOT-NET TOT Public Company Limited, TH
32209574287470.26%171691.00QUEST-IT, GB
3330982285510.26%32892.22CAFENET, TG
3416740281640.26%55632.80RSTOR, US
3531334280280.26%54055.19KABELDEUTSCHLAND-AS, DE
36647271410.25%245110.78DNIC-ASBLK-00616-00665, US
3720940269720.25%31088.68AKAMAI-ASN1, EU
388551267170.24%31748.42BEZEQ-INTERNATIONAL-AS Bezeqint Internet Backbone, IL
399558263240.24%102632.40PRIMECROWN-AS-IN PrimeCrown Technologies Private Limited, IN
4027738263000.24%78633.46Ecuadortelecom S.A., EC
41397422252500.23%201262.50MINET01, US
4216625251130.23%31298.03AKAMAI-AS, US
439498251080.23%228810.97BBIL-AP BHARTI Airtel Ltd., IN
4434984250150.23%216511.55TELLCOM-AS, TR
45269444249280.23%46232.00SPNET PROVEDORES LTDA, BR
4620101246960.23%151646.40MICHWAVE, US
4729571237310.22%62737.85ORANGE-COTE-IVOIRE, CI
48132165234770.22%99323.64CONNECT-AS-AP Connect Communications, PK
497552228550.21%34566.61VIETEL-AS-AP Viettel Group, VN
504755228270.21%213710.68TATACOMM-AS TATA Communications formerly VSNL is Leading ISP, IN
Total 241169522.11%

50 Most active ASes for the past 14 days

RANKASN             UPDs/Prefix         %PrefixesUPDs   AS NAME
1295726241.30.17%318724GIMAX-AS 129366, Moscow, Yaroslavskaya, 13A, IPPort ZAO, RU
22694446232.00.23%424928SPNET PROVEDORES LTDA, BR
32075645675.00.05%15675AS207564, NO
4167405632.80.26%528164RSTOR, US
61361653822.30.11%311467X4B-AS-AP X4B DDoS Protected Announcements, AU
7264052829.70.31%1233956HDCS, US
8583612801.80.10%411207RESEARCH-AS58361, DK
9583622739.50.10%410958RESEARCH-AS58362, DK
103283302730.00.03%12730ANSII-AS, BF
11583632716.50.10%410866RESEARCH-AS58363, DK
1295582632.40.24%1026324PRIMECROWN-AS-IN PrimeCrown Technologies Private Limited, IN
13583642559.20.09%410237RESEARCH-AS58364, DK
14583602526.80.09%410107RESEARCH-AS58360, DK
15550812471.31.70%7518534724SHELLS, US
16583652354.50.09%49418RESEARCH-AS58365, DK
172080232265.00.04%24530GULFSTAR_, IQ
18445552174.70.06%36524KONEKT-AS, RU
19360292152.30.30%1532285AS-SEARCHGUIDE, US
202708002116.00.04%24232ROBERTO VIEIRA DA CRUZ ME, BR
213975401870.00.03%23740WINDSCRIBE, CA
22556771766.00.11%712362HTS-AS-ID PT. Hawk Teknologi Solusi, ID
23526201717.00.02%11717BRASIL NORTE BEBIDAS S/A, BR
242095741691.00.26%1728747QUEST-IT, GB
25201011646.40.23%1524696MICHWAVE, US
26454941640.00.02%11640LAHAI-SG NREN ASN for Misc. Root Servers and Community, NP
27615971611.00.01%11611GP Internet e Consultoria LTDA - ME, BR
281971711579.00.01%11579MEGATEL-AS, RU
292673401541.00.01%11541ONDATURBO LTDA - ME, BR
30599391460.80.08%68765WIBO-AS, LT
312091731269.50.02%22539EXXONMOBIL, IQ
323974221262.50.23%2025250MINET01, US
33128911136.40.07%77955TSK-NET, TR
34369801082.00.01%11082JOHNHOLT-ASN, ZA
352676621044.60.05%55223PORTO NET EIRELI - EPP, BR
369564970.40.08%98734ANZ-BANK-AP Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited, AU
37207558938.50.02%21877EXPRES, UA
38138733910.00.02%21820ANUPAM-AS Maxit Infocom Private Limited, IN
3930982892.20.26%3228551CAFENET, TG
4059791863.00.02%21726LINQHOST, NL
4161353856.00.02%21712INFLPR-AS, RO
42266904842.20.04%54211ALCIVAR ESPIN DANNY ALEXANDER (OptiCom), EC
433130841.80.10%1310944RGNET-SEA RGnet Seattle Westin, EE
4449752662.20.02%42649TYRASUKI Red Panda Network, BE
45200698598.90.11%2011978GLOBALHOST-BOSNIA-AS, BA
4614600583.00.03%63498MXL-PROD, US
479064567.60.03%52838IIRUC-DIGICOM-SA Satellite Communications Operator, RO
4821692538.00.01%21076Secretaria de la Funcion Publica, MX
4915135505.60.10%2110617DYN-HC, US
Total 100907.86.44%

50 Most active Prefixes for the past 14 days

RANKPREFIX           UPDs            %Origin AS -- AS NAME
1200.175.0.0/16408690.37%18881 -- TELEFONICA BRASIL S.A, BR
2188.143.166.0/23374940.34%44050 -- PIN-AS, RU
367.211.53.0/24338840.30%26405 -- HDCS, US
4128.69.52.0/22330670.30%8402 -- CORBINA-AS OJSC "Vimpelcom", RU
5170.254.4.0/22322230.29%263528 -- VIACOM NEXT GENERATION COMUNICACAO LTDA, BR
6209.163.124.0/24281380.25%16740 -- RSTOR, US
7216.238.254.0/23266910.24%13904 -- COSLINK, US
8103.209.182.0/24261100.23%9558 -- PRIMECROWN-AS-IN PrimeCrown Technologies Private Limited, IN
979.137.250.0/24251280.23%29572 -- GIMAX-AS 129366, Moscow, Yaroslavskaya, 13A, IPPort ZAO, RU
44555 -- KONEKT-AS, RU
1045.186.164.0/24249070.22%269444 -- SPNET PROVEDORES LTDA, BR
11200.146.0.0/17225560.20%18881 -- TELEFONICA BRASIL S.A, BR
1237.99.100.0/24209400.19%21299 -- KAR-TEL-AS Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan, KZ
1337.99.84.0/24208890.19%21299 -- KAR-TEL-AS Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan, KZ
1437.99.83.0/24208850.19%21299 -- KAR-TEL-AS Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan, KZ
1537.99.3.0/24208660.19%21299 -- KAR-TEL-AS Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan, KZ -- KAR-TEL-AS Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan, KZ
1795.82.71.0/24208460.19%21299 -- KAR-TEL-AS Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan, KZ
18213.109.220.0/22208110.19%21299 -- KAR-TEL-AS Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan, KZ
1987.247.32.0/24207850.19%21299 -- KAR-TEL-AS Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan, KZ
2087.247.32.0/22207840.19%21299 -- KAR-TEL-AS Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan, KZ
2187.247.60.0/22207770.19%21299 -- KAR-TEL-AS Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan, KZ
2277.94.15.0/24207750.19%21299 -- KAR-TEL-AS Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan, KZ
2364.68.236.0/22195750.18%13904 -- COSLINK, US
24101.51.56.0/24139040.12%23969 -- TOT-NET TOT Public Company Limited, TH
25199.192.180.0/22123230.11%20101 -- MICHWAVE, US
26216.18.240.0/20122930.11%20101 -- MICHWAVE, US
27103.100.107.0/24113310.10%136165 -- X4B-AS-AP X4B DDoS Protected Announcements, AU
2891.240.20.0/2486900.08%59939 -- WIBO-AS, LT
2964.200.250.0/2385100.08%10753 -- LVLT-10753, US
30193.110.212.0/2478830.07%12891 -- TSK-NET, TR
3166.152.121.0/2468770.06%14477 -- FLTG, US
32130.137.89.0/2465160.06%14618 -- AMAZON-AES, US
33130.137.80.0/2464830.06%16509 -- AMAZON-02, US
34130.137.90.0/2463000.06%16509 -- AMAZON-02, US
35130.137.78.0/2462960.06%16509 -- AMAZON-02, US
36130.137.79.0/2462450.06%16509 -- AMAZON-02, US
3744.135.180.0/2461450.06%63479 -- HAMWAN, US
38130.137.108.0/2460710.05%16509 -- AMAZON-02, US
39130.137.86.0/2458240.05%16509 -- AMAZON-02, US
40147.28.48.0/2457790.05%58364 -- RESEARCH-AS58364, DK
4141.89.0.0/2457760.05%36914 -- KENET-AS, KE
4241.89.1.0/2457600.05%36914 -- KENET-AS, KE
4341.204.168.0/2457100.05%36914 -- KENET-AS, KE
44130.137.85.0/2457060.05%16509 -- AMAZON-02, US
45130.137.81.0/2456890.05%16509 -- AMAZON-02, US
46185.115.247.0/2456750.05%207564 -- AS207564, NO
47147.28.36.0/2455930.05%3130 -- RGNET-SEA RGnet Seattle Westin, EE
4841.89.10.0/2355380.05%36914 -- KENET-AS, KE
4984.205.66.0/2455020.05%12654 -- RIPE-NCC-RIS-AS Reseaux IP Europeens Network Coordination Centre (RIPE NCC), EU
50147.28.40.0/2454490.05%58362 -- RESEARCH-AS58362, DK
Total 7737156.98%

14 Day BGP Profile: 27-June-2020 00:00 - 10-July-2020 23:59 (UTC+1000)

Number of BGP Update Messages:  20786883
Number of Prefix Updates:  10914298
Number of Prefix Withdrawals:  245125
Average Prefixes per BGP Update:  0.54
Average BGP Update Messages per second:  17.41
Average Prefix Updates per second:  9.35
Peak BGP Update Message Rate per second:  109899  (22:18:29 Tue, 7-Jul-2020)
Peak Prefix Update Rate per second:  13365  (00:20:06 Mon, 6-Jul-2020)
Peak Prefix Withdraw Rate per second:  83540  (21:31:48 Tue, 7-Jul-2020)
Prefix Count:  856713
Updated Prefix Count:  856712
Stable Prefix Count:  1
Origin AS Count:  68776
Updated Origin AS Count:  68766
Stable Origin AS Count:  10
Unique Path Count:  464269
Updated Path Count:  443478
Stable Path Count:  20791


Hourly Average of Per-Second Updated and Withdrawn Prefix Rate

Hourly Peak of Per-Second Updated and Withdrawn Prefix Rate

Hourly Average Per-Second Updated Prefix Rate by Update Type

Hourly Peak of Per-Second Updated Prefix Rate by Update Type


BGP Table Activity

Cumulative Distribution of per-Prefix and per-AS Updates


The data has been gathered using a single eBGP peering with AS 131072. The observations of BGP path change are relative to this observation point. The updates are generated by a Quagga BGP implementation providing a timestamped log of incoming update messages. The timezone of this monitoring point is UTC+1000. Updates are processed on a 24 hour cycle.