The BGP Instability Report

The BGP Instability Report is updated daily. This report
was generated on 06 March 2021 06:32 (UTC+1000)

50 Most active ASes for the past 14 days

RANKASN             UPDs            %PrefixesUPDs/PrefixAS NAME
198292973873.46%1895156.93BSNL-NIB National Internet Backbone, IN
2400652350382.73%585401.77CNSERVERS, US
3126962050022.38%2010250.10AXA-TECH Paris, FR
4385111582931.84%236670.73TACHYON-AS-ID PT Remala Abadi, ID
5165091356371.58%492827.52AMAZON-02, US
66147835850.97%112874.10Telefonica del Peru S.A.A., PE
733548798050.93%184433.61UNWIRED-NOC, US
840410774180.90%372092.38USFRCS-BGP, US
913904722920.84%174415.47COSLINK, US
105972720670.84%220532.68DNIC-ASBLK-05800-06055, US
118151638610.74%84167.59Uninet S.A. de C.V., MX
1262904498530.58%54791.14EONIX-COMMUNICATIONS-ASBLOCK-62904, US
1310620474490.55%340513.94Telmex Colombia S.A., CO
1436903460470.53%97847.08MT-MPLS, MA
1523969440730.51%195122.59TOT-NET TOT Public Company Limited, TH
16133201436630.51%182239.91COMING-AS ABCDE GROUP COMPANY LIMITED, HK
1721826425170.49%57174.46Corporacion Telemic C.A., VE
1850710422610.49%80652.43EARTHLINK-AS, IQ
1917794403820.47%142884.43HTCL-ORANGE-HK-AP Hutchison Telephone Company Limited, HK
20647402550.47%228176.56DNIC-ASBLK-00616-00665, US
2155666376510.44%79476.59GMEDIA-AS-ID PT Media Sarana Data, ID
2318117374440.44%182080.22HARBOURMSP-AU-AP NTT Communications ICT Solutions, AU
2420312364710.42%66078.50Fundacion Centro Nacional de Innovacion Tecnologica (CENIT), VE
2545899359850.42%338210.64VNPT-AS-VN VNPT Corp, VN
2618004336290.39%168200.17WIRELESSNET-ID PT WIRELESS INDONESIA ( WIN ), ID
2726405336120.39%122801.00HDCS, US
2824835317200.37%142022.34RAYA-AS, EG
2920101275670.32%151837.80MICHWAVE, US
3036935264370.31%59744.28Vodafone-, EG
3158224254190.30%154916.41TCI, IR
32611245990.29%44559.07NECN-1-611, CA
334755244440.28%215011.37TATACOMM-AS TATA Communications formerly VSNL is Leading ISP, IN
3429571244270.28%70734.55ORANGE-COTE-IVOIRE, CI
351541243520.28%62139.21DNIC-ASBLK-01534-01546, US
366713231760.27%54142.84IAM-AS, MA
3736352211940.25%153713.79AS-COLOCROSSING, US
389009209590.24%24388.60M247, GB
394538201770.23%49234.10ERX-CERNET-BKB China Education and Research Network Center, CN
4055410196130.23%83723.43VIL-AS-AP Vodafone Idea Ltd, IN
4144444195120.23%167116.84FORCEPOINT-CLOUD-AS, GB
429657193390.22%33586.03MELSANET-ID-AP Melsa-i-net AS, ID
4347331192130.22%84102.28TTNET, TR
4436992190590.22%119116.00ETISALAT-MISR, EG
4524532189720.22%50379.44INET-AS-ID PT. Inet Global Indo, ID
46398804188440.22%118844.00PROVO-VOXTELESYS-02, US
4736914187490.22%41744.96KENET-AS, KE
487643181310.21%70259.01VNPT-AS-VN Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications (VNPT), VN
4912654180770.21%39463.51RIPE-NCC-RIS-AS Reseaux IP Europeens Network Coordination Centre (RIPE NCC), NL
5010680180200.21%131386.15IU-RESEARCH, US
Total 263119030.58%

50 Most active ASes for the past 14 days

RANKASN             UPDs/Prefix         %PrefixesUPDs   AS NAME
139880418844.00.22%118844PROVO-VOXTELESYS-02, US
213805714618.00.17%114618IDNIC-DOMPETDHUAFA-AS-ID Dompet Dhuafa Republika, ID
31779413460.70.47%1440382HTCL-ORANGE-HK-AP Hutchison Telephone Company Limited, HK
41269610789.62.38%20205002AXA-TECH Paris, FR
63285249072.00.11%19072Trackmatic-Solutions, ZA
73277516362.50.15%212725LANDYNAMIX, ZA
8181176240.70.44%1837444HARBOURMSP-AU-AP NTT Communications ICT Solutions, AU
9203126078.50.42%636471Fundacion Centro Nacional de Innovacion Tecnologica (CENIT), VE
102128414710.00.05%14710SM-AASS, SM
11201014594.50.32%1527567MICHWAVE, US
12454944528.00.05%14528LAHAI-SG NREN ASN for Misc. Root Servers and Community, NP
13335484433.60.93%1879805UNWIRED-NOC, US
141370503570.00.04%43570STRATEQ-AS-AP strateq data centre sdn bhd, MY
152119972947.00.03%12947EHOLINK, FR
16264052801.00.39%1233612HDCS, US
172653802493.50.06%34987WSU Tecnologia Ltda, BR
18404102277.00.90%3777418USFRCS-BGP, US
192694152141.90.17%714993BRUNO GUSTAVO CORDEIRO ME, BR
20643042102.50.05%24205WIN-NAP-AS-ID PT WIRELESS INDONESIA, ID
211404732092.00.02%12092IDNIC-ARMICOINTIMEDIKA-AS-ID PT Armico Inti Medika, ID
221389652084.00.05%44168SSTI-AS-AP Streamtech Systems Technologies Inc., PH
233940881917.00.02%11917SCIENCEDMZ, US
242003491768.00.02%11768SBSBERBANKJSC, KZ
25634791740.90.18%1515668HAMWAN, US
262049581731.00.04%23462KTS, IT
273283011719.00.02%11719Messagelabs-AS, KE
28146181647.20.11%4589883AMAZON-AES, US
29309691408.40.08%327042ZOL-AS, GB
30282621396.00.02%11396INTERNEXO LTDA., BR
31106801386.20.21%1318020IU-RESEARCH, US
32382911336.00.02%31336BPS-CORP-AS BPS Corporation, PH
332665151335.70.05%34007robson galassi - me, BR
342069161307.00.02%11307RASPBERRYJAM-AS, SC
35407931294.00.05%33882LINKEDIN, US
3635801287.60.12%810301PLANET, US
372693941241.40.10%78690Mitas - Internet Banda Larga Ltda, BR
38615871127.90.09%77895C. HOKI DA COSTA E CIA LTDA - ME, BR
402076711056.50.02%22113Y0SH-NETWORK, DE
41311441046.00.01%11046ASWFP, IT
4296601010.50.05%44042KANNET-AS-AP Telecommunication and ISP company, HK
43328394993.00.01%1993STE-RESEAUX-FORMATION, TN
4455693981.40.09%87851BATI-AS-ID PT. Bangun Abadi Teknologi Indonesia, ID
4563873945.60.09%87565MAGNET-AS-ID PT Mitra Akses Globalindo, ID
46131780936.00.01%1936ORION-IX-AS-ID PT Orion Cyber Internet, ID
47328387936.00.03%32808COZ-Internet-AS, NG
48517933.00.02%21866Darmstaedter Landstrasse 184, NL
49327986923.50.04%43694GUTTI-GLOBAL-NETWORKS, NG
Total 171063.59.54%

50 Most active Prefixes for the past 14 days

RANKPREFIX           UPDs            %Origin AS -- AS NAME
1216.238.254.0/23394860.44%13904 -- COSLINK, US
2118.127.80.0/22374340.42%18117 -- HARBOURMSP-AU-AP NTT Communications ICT Solutions, AU
3101.51.56.0/24357150.40%23969 -- TOT-NET TOT Public Company Limited, TH
467.211.53.0/24335790.38%26405 -- HDCS, US
564.68.236.0/22317370.36%13904 -- COSLINK, US
6199.169.205.0/24261330.29%40410 -- USFRCS-BGP, US
7199.169.238.0/24255910.29%40410 -- USFRCS-BGP, US
8199.169.239.0/24255270.29%40410 -- USFRCS-BGP, US
923.155.17.0/24188440.21%398804 -- PROVO-VOXTELESYS-02, US
10103.214.100.0/24187490.21%64027 -- SMARTPLUS-AS-ID PT SURYA TEKNIKA PRATAMA, ID
11103.214.101.0/24187490.21%64027 -- SMARTPLUS-AS-ID PT SURYA TEKNIKA PRATAMA, ID
12149.165.158.0/23179690.20%10680 -- IU-RESEARCH, US
1344.135.180.0/24156010.17%63479 -- HAMWAN, US
14103.120.138.0/24146180.16%138057 -- IDNIC-DOMPETDHUAFA-AS-ID Dompet Dhuafa Republika, ID
1541.93.33.0/24144570.16%37182 -- TERNET, TZ
16199.192.180.0/22142970.16%20101 -- MICHWAVE, US
17202.45.88.0/24134940.15%17794 -- HTCL-ORANGE-HK-AP Hutchison Telephone Company Limited, HK
1864.192.5.0/24134830.15%33548 -- UNWIRED-NOC, US
19203.145.78.0/24134640.15%17794 -- HTCL-ORANGE-HK-AP Hutchison Telephone Company Limited, HK
20203.145.74.0/24134240.15%17794 -- HTCL-ORANGE-HK-AP Hutchison Telephone Company Limited, HK
2164.192.1.0/24133310.15%33548 -- UNWIRED-NOC, US
2264.192.3.0/24133280.15%33548 -- UNWIRED-NOC, US
2364.192.2.0/24133080.15%33548 -- UNWIRED-NOC, US
24216.18.240.0/20132610.15%20101 -- MICHWAVE, US
2564.192.4.0/24131710.15%33548 -- UNWIRED-NOC, US
2664.192.0.0/24131140.15%33548 -- UNWIRED-NOC, US
27171.18.54.0/24120180.13%12696 -- AXA-TECH Paris, FR
28193.32.101.0/24119740.13%12696 -- AXA-TECH Paris, FR
29194.98.240.0/24119590.13%12696 -- AXA-TECH Paris, FR
30212.155.238.0/24119530.13%12696 -- AXA-TECH Paris, FR
31195.189.220.0/24119500.13%12696 -- AXA-TECH Paris, FR
32171.18.12.0/22105060.12%12696 -- AXA-TECH Paris, FR
33171.18.20.0/22104880.12%12696 -- AXA-TECH Paris, FR
34171.18.32.0/21104740.12%12696 -- AXA-TECH Paris, FR
35171.18.44.0/23104700.12%12696 -- AXA-TECH Paris, FR
36171.18.42.0/23104560.12%12696 -- AXA-TECH Paris, FR
37130.137.108.0/24104300.12%16509 -- AMAZON-02, US
38171.18.46.0/23104240.12%12696 -- AXA-TECH Paris, FR
39171.18.16.0/21104200.12%12696 -- AXA-TECH Paris, FR
40171.18.80.0/22104040.12%12696 -- AXA-TECH Paris, FR
41171.18.0.0/21102960.12%12696 -- AXA-TECH Paris, FR
42216.220.82.0/24102730.12%3580 -- PLANET, US
43171.18.8.0/23102530.11%12696 -- AXA-TECH Paris, FR
44171.18.64.0/20102460.11%12696 -- AXA-TECH Paris, FR
45171.18.96.0/20102450.11%12696 -- AXA-TECH Paris, FR
46171.18.10.0/23102440.11%12696 -- AXA-TECH Paris, FR
47171.18.112.0/20102220.11%12696 -- AXA-TECH Paris, FR
48130.137.111.0/24100420.11%16509 -- AMAZON-02, US
49130.137.80.0/2499890.11%16509 -- AMAZON-02, US
50130.137.89.0/2498660.11%14618 -- AMAZON-AES, US
Total 7774668.70%

14 Day BGP Profile: 20-February-2021 00:00 - 5-March-2021 23:59 (UTC+1000)

Number of BGP Update Messages:  21251739
Number of Prefix Updates:  8607250
Number of Prefix Withdrawals:  314967
Average Prefixes per BGP Update:  0.42
Average BGP Update Messages per second:  17.57
Average Prefix Updates per second:  7.38
Peak BGP Update Message Rate per second:  46939  (17:03:39 Tue, 23-Feb-2021)
Peak Prefix Update Rate per second:  9367  (09:46:58 Thu, 25-Feb-2021)
Peak Prefix Withdraw Rate per second:  19700  (10:33:50 Tue, 23-Feb-2021)
Prefix Count:  886339
Updated Prefix Count:  558165
Stable Prefix Count:  328174
Origin AS Count:  70971
Updated Origin AS Count:  56436
Stable Origin AS Count:  14535
Unique Path Count:  534234
Updated Path Count:  408361
Stable Path Count:  125873


Hourly Average of Per-Second Updated and Withdrawn Prefix Rate

Hourly Peak of Per-Second Updated and Withdrawn Prefix Rate

Hourly Average Per-Second Updated Prefix Rate by Update Type

Hourly Peak of Per-Second Updated Prefix Rate by Update Type


BGP Table Activity

Cumulative Distribution of per-Prefix and per-AS Updates


The data has been gathered using a single eBGP peering with AS 131072. The observations of BGP path change are relative to this observation point. The updates are generated by a Quagga BGP implementation providing a timestamped log of incoming update messages. The timezone of this monitoring point is UTC+1000. Updates are processed on a 24 hour cycle.