The BGP IPv6 Instability Report

This report is updated daily. The current report
was generated on 6 October 2022 01:39 (UTC+1000)

50 Most active ASes for the past 14 days

RANKASN             UPDs            %PrefixesUPDs/PrefixAS NAME
120473398695958.47%12623315.85AS-CHOOPA, US
2553035741868.42%4911169.42EAGLENET-AP 60 Market Square,P.O. Box 364, PH
3588103988505.85%3011325.08IZUSCOLTD-BN Britannia House,22,2nd Floor,Cator Road, BN
4279011252611.84%274639.30Pacifico Cable SPA., CL
57602938131.38%137216.38SPT-AS-VN Sai gon Postel Corporation, VN
617072697101.02%106565.46TOTAL PLAY TELECOMUNICACIONES SA DE CV, MX research net, FR
8263499395490.58%313183.00Telecom Conectividade, BR
948695380580.56%42988.71ATHEEB-AS, SA
1019180308230.45%215411.50AMERICATEL PERU S.A., PE
1125019299830.44%203147.70SAUDINETSTC-AS, SA
1247583296310.43%211411.00AS-HOSTINGER, CY
13264525276750.41%271025.00Coelho Tecnologia, BR
1438266254290.37%115622.00VODAFONE-IN Vodafone India Ltd., IN
1645271238690.35%190312.54ICLNET-AS-AP Idea Cellular Limited, IN
1732550238130.35%211906.50EQUINIX-EC-SE, US
187552231970.34%215810.75VIETEL-AS-AP Viettel Group, VN
2032629222410.33%211120.50CITY-OF-CHARLOTTE-ASN, US
219009221280.32%28378.19M247, RO
22211655213440.31%121344.00NASK-DNS-ANYCAST2, PL
2331514209570.31%210478.50INF-NET-AS, RU
2438082203490.30%102034.90IIT-TIG-AS-AP True International Gateway Co., Ltd., TH
2542385200700.29%22912.27RIPN-, RU
2612654194360.29%38511.47RIPE-NCC-RIS-AS Reseaux IP Europeens Network Coordination Centre RIPE NCC, NL
279829190260.28%50837.45BSNL-NIB National Internet Backbone, IN
28270785189300.28%118930.00PRNET PROVEDOR DE INTERNET LTDA, BR
29204550185210.27%36173.67AAG-TESTLAB, AT
30263032181580.27%151210.53EMPIRE SERVICOS DE INTERNET LTDA, BR
31213115174300.26%25867.56KATO-AS, CZ
32267348172910.25%19910.05Fc Telecomunicacoes, BR
333573172120.25%51133.68ACCENTURE, US
3428573171820.25%167410.26Claro NXT Telecomunicacoes Ltda, BR
35210564160670.24%116067.00SWANTZTER-AS, SE
3626793160470.24%18891.50ICS-LLC, US
37146966156890.23%27357.47CHINANET-YANGZHOUNORTH-IDC China Telecom, CN
3860982146170.21%34872.33WARPCON-AS, RO
3913335133590.20%109112.24CLOUDFLARENET, US
407545133520.20%107912.37TPG-INTERNET-AP TPG Telecom Limited, AU
41134756130310.19%28545.72CHINANET-NANJING-JISHAN-IDC CHINANET Nanjing Jishan IDC network, CN
4224474129190.19%26459.50ASNPANYCAST Nepal Internet Exchange NP Anycast, NP
4348292128780.19%18715.44INTIBU, TR
4419429127420.19%111114.79ETB - Colombia, CO
45146992124120.18%26206.00COCONUT-AS-UK Coconut Networks Limited, HK
46204382114800.17%111480.00ANNATEL-, FR
4724206110230.16%42755.75CHANNEL11-AS-ID PT Cakra Lintas Nusantara, ID
4836183109780.16%14117.78AKAMAI-AS, US
4945609105390.15%23104.56BHARTI-MOBILITY-AS-AP Bharti Airtel Ltd. AS for GPRS Service, IN
509063104960.15%91166.22SAARGATE-AS VSE NET GmbH, DE
Total 612664489.86%

50 Most active ASes for the past 14 days

RANKASN             UPDs/Prefix         %PrefixesUPDs   AS NAME
121165521344.00.31%121344NASK-DNS-ANYCAST2, PL
227078518930.00.28%118930PRNET PROVEDOR DE INTERNET LTDA, BR
321056416067.00.24%116067SWANTZTER-AS, SE
41918015411.50.45%230823AMERICATEL PERU S.A., PE
526349913183.00.58%339549Telecom Conectividade, BR
614699212412.00.18%212412COCONUT-AS-UK Coconut Networks Limited, HK
73255011906.50.35%223813EQUINIX-EC-SE, US
820438211480.00.17%111480ANNATEL-, FR
93262911120.50.33%222241CITY-OF-CHARLOTTE-ASN, US
103151410478.50.31%220957INF-NET-AS, RU
11490949614.00.14%19614CHRONOS, TR
122049148479.00.12%18479LABIXE, GB
1376027216.41.38%1393813SPT-AS-VN Sai gon Postel Corporation, VN
142715016957.00.10%16957Antonio Carlos Correia Filho Serv. de Telecom.-ME, BR
15380826783.00.30%1020349IIT-TIG-AS-AP True International Gateway Co., Ltd., TH
16316496740.00.10%16740RIPN-FDNS-RU-NYC, RU
172039746602.00.10%16602ADS, RO
18244746459.50.19%212919ASNPANYCAST Nepal Internet Exchange NP Anycast, NP
192045506173.70.27%318521AAG-TESTLAB, AT
20609824872.30.21%314617WARPCON-AS, RO
21279014817.71.84%27125261Pacifico Cable SPA., CL research net, FR
231336163754.00.06%13754BEACHHEADGROUP-AS-AP Beachhead Group Pty. Ltd., AU
24416373537.00.05%13537ROUTING-ANYCAST, DE
26198893207.00.05%13207Cooperativa Telefonica Del Viso, AR
271397823042.00.09%26084IXPMOE-AS-AP IXPMOE Internet Exchange, HK
281396183039.00.04%13039FY-AS-AP Zhu Hai Shi Fu Yuan Le Yu Technology Limited, CN
30242062755.80.16%411023CHANNEL11-AS-ID PT Cakra Lintas Nusantara, ID
31121672690.00.04%22690LIGHTWAVE-DALLAS, US
32464502390.00.04%12390PILOT, US
33544062346.00.03%12346CONVERMAX, US
344002352344.00.03%12344INTMTN, US
351409462325.00.07%24650JBDXBL-AS-CN JBDXBL Network, HK
36325192316.70.10%36950DMIT-SERVICES, US
37402162299.00.07%24598DSTIP, US
382636642285.50.07%34571PORTAL NET TELECOM LTDA - EPP, BR
39226492259.00.03%12259AS-CODINGDIRECT, US
401996292256.00.10%36768NET-4MS, GB
412053602255.00.03%12255MIGFO, GB
422032312255.00.03%12255V4VOIP, GB
4384682254.00.13%49016ENTANET ENTANET International Limited, GB
4468712188.30.10%46565PLUSNET UK Internet Service Provider, GB
45450332167.00.03%12167TELCOSWITCH, GB
46602172156.00.03%12156PL-BEYONDDATACENTER-ASN, PL
4754592137.00.03%12137LINX-AS London interconnection point, GB
483955582135.00.03%12135GSCOMPUTING, US
492088722126.00.03%32126JINGMI, NL
Total 292464.710.20%

50 Most active Prefixes for the past 14 days

RANKPREFIX           UPDs            %Origin AS -- AS NAME
12607:f6f0:8001::/48241090.31%394749 -- EQUINIX-SOLUTION-VALIDATION-CENTER, US
22607:f6f0:8000::/40238020.30%32550 -- EQUINIX-EC-SE, US
32620:0:2f0::/48221230.28%32629 -- CITY-OF-CHARLOTTE-ASN, US
42001:7f9::/48213440.27%211655 -- NASK-DNS-ANYCAST2, PL
52405:4000:800:8::/64203450.26%38082 -- IIT-TIG-AS-AP True International Gateway Co., Ltd., TH
62804:12cc::/33197940.25%263499 -- Telecom Conectividade, BR
72804:12cc:8000::/33197520.25%263499 -- Telecom Conectividade, BR
82804:7160::/32189300.24%270785 -- PRNET PROVEDOR DE INTERNET LTDA, BR
92803:c600:f::/48168310.22%27901 -- Pacifico Cable SPA., CL
102803:c600:4::/48161320.21%27901 -- Pacifico Cable SPA., CL
112803:c600:5::/48161270.21%27901 -- Pacifico Cable SPA., CL
122803:c600:2::/48161240.21%27901 -- Pacifico Cable SPA., CL
132803:c600:3::/48161180.21%27901 -- Pacifico Cable SPA., CL
142001:67c:20fc::/48160670.21%210564 -- SWANTZTER-AS, SE
152402:f800::/48156740.20%7602 -- SPT-AS-VN Sai gon Postel Corporation, VN
162402:f800:cf00::/48156380.20%7602 -- SPT-AS-VN Sai gon Postel Corporation, VN
172402:f800:ffff::/48156200.20%7602 -- SPT-AS-VN Sai gon Postel Corporation, VN
182402:f800:ff00::/48156200.20%7602 -- SPT-AS-VN Sai gon Postel Corporation, VN
192402:f800:df00::/48156150.20%7602 -- SPT-AS-VN Sai gon Postel Corporation, VN
202001:1380:2000::/36156090.20%19180 -- AMERICATEL PERU S.A., PE
212402:f800:ef00::/48155970.20%7602 -- SPT-AS-VN Sai gon Postel Corporation, VN
222001:1380::/37152140.19%19180 -- AMERICATEL PERU S.A., PE
232404:3d00:41a8::/48151120.19%3573 -- ACCENTURE, US
242804:20fc:1b00::/48143320.18%264525 -- Coelho Tecnologia, BR
252a05:6740:40c5::/48140890.18%204550 -- AAG-TESTLAB, AT
262a02:4780::/48131650.17%47583 -- AS-HOSTINGER, CY
272a0f:6580:e::/48124910.16%48292 -- INTIBU, TR
282804:20fc:200::/40124150.16%264525 -- Coelho Tecnologia, BR
292a0c:e643:1989::/48124120.16%146992 -- COCONUT-AS-UK Coconut Networks Limited, HK
302406:840:f895::/48117470.15%212034 -- research net, FR
312a0c:1040::/29114800.15%204382 -- ANNATEL-, FR
322406:840:f890::/48111050.14%212034 -- research net, FR
332604:2800:fffa::/48108660.14%26793 -- ICS-LLC, US
342402:ab00::/32107200.14%24206 -- CHANNEL11-AS-ID PT Cakra Lintas Nusantara, ID
352a05:3181:ffff::/48104900.13%31514 -- INF-NET-AS, RU
362a05:3181::/32104670.13%31514 -- INF-NET-AS, RU
372a0c:da04:18::/4896140.12%49094 -- CHRONOS, TR
382001:7fb:ff02::/4885760.11%12654 -- RIPE-NCC-RIS-AS Reseaux IP Europeens Network Coordination Centre RIPE NCC, NL
392a0c:9a40:8350::/4884790.11%204914 -- LABIXE, GB
402a05:b0c6:200b::/4883120.11%208753 -- 6NETWORK, IT
412a0c:da04:14::/4879580.10%202365 -- CHRONOS, TR
422a02:4780:d::/4876320.10%47583 -- AS-HOSTINGER, CY
432a02:4780:8::/4876320.10%47583 -- AS-HOSTINGER, CY
442803:c600:100::/4475150.10%27901 -- Pacifico Cable SPA., CL
452602:feda:d64::/4873310.09%212034 -- research net, FR
462804:7c84::/3369570.09%271501 -- Antonio Carlos Correia Filho Serv. de Telecom.-ME, BR
472001:ac8:13::/4867770.09%9009 -- M247, RO
482a03:f80:852::/4867770.09%9009 -- M247, RO
492a0e:1d80:14::/4867770.09%9009 -- M247, RO
502a04:1bc7::/3267580.09%60982 -- WARPCON-AS, RO
Total 6701718.59%

14 Day BGP Update Statistics Profile: 21-September-2022 00:00 - 5-October-2022 23:59 (UTC+1000)

Number of BGP Update Messages:  14069214
Number of Prefix Changes:  16551264
Number of Prefix Updates:  14069214
Number of Prefix Withdrawals:  2482050
Average Prefixes per BGP Update:  1.18
Average BGP Update Messages per second:  11.63
Average Prefix Updates per second:  13.68
Peak BGP Update Message Rate per second:  20897  (05:39:20 Wed, 5-Oct-2022)
Peak Prefix Update Rate per second:  20897  (05:39:20 Wed, 5-Oct-2022)
Peak Prefix Withdraw Rate per second:  1143  (07:44:03 Wed, 5-Oct-2022, )
Number of RIB Prefix Updates:  6819389  (0.48 of recv'd updates)
Number of RIB Prefix Withdrawals:  994569  (0.40 of recv'd withdrawals)
Peak RIB Update Rate per second:  7204  (17:10:09 Tue, 27-Sep-2022)
Peak RIB Withdrawal Rate per second:  789  (12:45:38 Wed, 5-Oct-2022)
Seen Prefix Count:  180215
Updated Prefix Count:  135568
Stable Prefix Count:  44647
Seen Origin AS Count:  29674
Updated Origin AS Count:  27989
Stable Origin AS Count:  1685
Seen Unique Path Count:  160084
Updated Path Count:  142455
Stable Path Count:  17629


Five Minute Average of Per-Second Updated and Withdrawn Prefix Rate

Five Minute Peak of Per-Second Updated and Withdrawn Prefix Rate

Five Minute Average Per-Second Updated Prefix Rate by Update Type

Five Minute Peak of Per-Second Updated Prefix Rate by Update Type


BGP Table Activity

Cumulative Distribution of per-Prefix and per-AS Updates